The Little Things That Seem Innocent But Make You Fatter


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Every day we go about our normal lives, doing the same thing day to day. But what we may not know is some of these ‘normal’ things that we do are actually things that are making us fatter by the day.

1. You are drinking the wrong kind of milk: Aside from the fact that the benefits of milk are reduced when you drink 1% or skim, it could also lead to more snacking and more weight gain. When you drink 2% or whole milk you have more fat from the milk but they also help you to feel full longer so that you don’t snack through the day. A study showed that women were more likely to gain weight when they drank 1% or skim milk as opposed to higher fat milks.

2. You went on a saving spree at the grocery store: While the deals on multiple packs of food or even bulk items may seem like a great thing for saving money it is not so great for your waistline. You have all of that food sitting there and you don’t want it to go to waste, so it gets eaten. Take it out of sight so that you aren’t staring at it every time you open the kitchen cabinet.

3. You eat with too many people: If you eat with large groups of people you consume more food that you normally would on a night at home. When there are others to talk to you, you spend more time at the table and therefore continue to eat until everyone is done.

4. You have the wrong scale: Get rid of that digital scale that tells you that you have lost or gained .54 pounds. Instead go for a scale that uses whole numbers only. A study showed that people lost more weight when they only saw whole numbers and gained weight when they were shown numbers with decimals.

5. You drink too much coffee: Yes, coffee has some health benefits and when enjoyed in moderation can help with weight loss. But due to the chlorogenic acids in the coffee, anything over five cups a day can actually make you gain weight and strip all of the benefits you would be getting from the coffee, not to mention the sugar and cream that many people dump in their coffee.



  1. Most of these sound too much like right. But anyone drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day, i would suspect, has a few more issues than a little extra weight on their frame.

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