The Major Reason Both Men and Women Stay in Bad Relationships


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There may have been times when you stayed with someone just so that you would not be alone and for no other reason. You were not in love with them and you have been extremely unhappy in the relationship, but if you felt like you had no other options and could not bear the thought of being alone, you stayed with them.

Psychologist Stephanie Spielmann decided to conduct a study to show that this is one of the main reasons that people stay in relationships that they do not want to be in.

The study involved 126 women and 27 men who were found through an ad on Craigslist. They participated in the hopes of winning a gift card to Amazon. When asked about how they felt about being alone in life and what the future would hold, over 38% said that they had no fears of being alone and didn’t worry about it in the future. A little over 18% were extremely worried and anxious that they would live life single and die alone. The rest were mixed or not overly worried about being alone.

The people who responded to the survey were also screened for issues such as sensitivity to rejection, depression, and loneliness. On a scale of 1 to 5 respondents averaged 3.38 when it came to needing to feel like they belonged in life. They also had screenings about self-esteem and what type of person they were when they were in a relationship (how attached they became to their partners).

All in all the study showed that the majority of people were not worried about being alone for life but there were those who said that they would stay with someone because they were so anxious about ending up alone for life or not thinking they could get anyone better. So, in conclusion, many people stay in bad relationships for fear of being alone.



  1. Dying “alone” is common for all of mankind. No one but you and the Angels of Heaven/Hell can make that trip with you. However, dying with a funeral statement acknowledging who you are surviving may be void of a companion’s name. The most important thing about living your life is to make a difference in the world so you can leave behind a noted legacy for your family, friends, and larger community. It’s not what/who we die with that makes us known, but what/who we die for that leaves an imprint on the lives of others.

  2. This headline promises to offer up content surrounding the , The major reason both men and women….”, yet you give NO numerical stats in the last paragraph as to what the study concluded. Your conclusion is “but there were those who said that they would stay with someone because they were…”. How does one go from, “but there were those who…” to the “major” reason both men and women…? We’re smarter then that…come on!!!

  3. Im in the same boat its been tens years this man has cheated and lied and i still took him back he had the young lady play on my Phone and then one day day said your the only one i love. That was 8years ago and he still reaching out to her. I finally walkex away when i had a stroke. This month.

  4. Dam sure wasn’t me who said that!..
    I love The Lord and myself enough to know that being alone and improving yourself spiritually and emotionally is the better way to be if alone rather than loose yourself in any damaged relationship.
    Allow growth and wisdom to make you a better woman or man for that special someone.

  5. I live alone and have been alone going on three years now and I have no problem with it. I like it better this way than having a man around who fusses and argue, accuses me of doing things I never thought of and he cheats on me himself and saying I’m the one doing it. I don’t have to argue about money, where I’m going or where I’ve been. It is wonderful being free. I date here and there guys I already know. But to live with anyone else is not my thing not anymore. I am extremely happy. this is the first time in my life of being alone but I am not lonely. I work, I dance, I travel and I have three lovely dogs that are like my kids and they certainly keep me busy; taking them to the parks and for long rides, vet appointments, salon appointments. Oh yeah, I’m loving my life. I don’t have to worry about what some man is doing, who he’s seeing or sneaking around with, if he coming home. Without the drama,I look better and I feel better because I have more time to take better care of me. Yep, I am out of that drama world life is just to short.

  6. Well, I am single, and I don’t like being single and fear that I may be single the rest of my life. I would like to be married, and have always thought that I would marry. It’s not about a fear of “being” alone, but I don’t want to be alone “forever.” As far as worrying about and/or stressing about where a man is or what he is doing, I have never had that problem because I don’t deal with or attract men that I have to police.

  7. YEP! After tasting raw hood in being a good woman and persecuted for things I never done, being cheated upon, used because I am strong and not foolish only to have been with the few that took my kindness for weakness, I have found my comfort zone in Jesus ALONE! No drama, you know…the only thing I just have to wait upon Him in which He knows I can be a bit impatient at times but that’s okay I rather wait on Him then to be with another earthly man who over time both he and I will grow tired of anyways, arguing over petty occurrences and perhaps his wondering eye to making me look stupid all over again. HELL TO THE ISZ NO! I will remain alone. O n by the way… LOVING IT!

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