The Miracle Seed That Treats Diabetes, Cancer, Blood Pressure and More


By: Krystle Crossman

There is a tiny little seed that packs a powerful punch. The Nigella Sativa plant has these seeds. They have a ton of health benefits such as the power to kill the MRSA infection and regenerating cells that are dying in a pancreas that is riddled with diabetes. With health benefits that are so amazing, why do so few people know about this seed?

There are many different names for this seed such as black sesame, black seed, Roman coriander, black caraway, and black cumin. Evidence of this seed dates all the way back to ancient Egyptian times when the oil of the seed was found in King Tut’s tomb. It was called Habbatul barakah which means the “seed of blessing” in Arabic cultures. In recent times there have been over 450 peer-reviewed and published studies on the properties of the seed.

Here are some of the best uses for black seed:

– Diabetes (Type 2): Fasting glucose was reduced, beta-cell functions increased, and insulin resistance decreased with just two grams per day.

– Epilepsy: A study was done in 2007 on kids with epilepsy and it showed that with a water extract of the black seed their convulsions were greatly reduced.

– Asthma: There is an ingredient in black seed called thymoquinone that helps during an asthma attack when boiled with a water extract.

– High Blood Pressure: Blood pressure numbers were reduced with 100mg to 200mg per day for two months.

– Addiction/Withdrawals to Opiates: Black seed was shown to help addicts who were recovering with their dependence to opiates and the withdrawal symptoms during recovery.

– Colon Cancer: Black seed extract has been shown to protect against cancer cells in the colon on several animal studies.

The many potential benefits that may come from this seed have not yet been researched but this is most likely just a very small portion of the list.


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