The Misunderstood Introvert: Why They Are Successful and You’re Not


Woman Reading on sofaBy: Krystle Crossman

In the workforce, you would think that someone who is outgoing and extroverted would be more successful that someone who is introverted. This however may not be as true as you think. Often times people think of introverts as someone who is socially awkward, which makes that person feel like there is something wrong with them just because they are not comfortable in large groups. Why do we feel the need to point this out to people? There are reports that show a third to half of the country’s population is made up of introverts.

There are many different misconceptions about people who have an introverted personality. People say that they have no personal skills, they are overly shy, they don’t know how to act in a social situation, or that they are depressed and sad all that time. There are many famous introverts who make this just a theory such as Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet, Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates. All of these people have introverted personalities but still had all of the leadership and public speaking qualities that were needed for their specific positions.

The reason that introverts are usually more successful is because they are more productive. They prefer not to be in groups when they are thinking creatively which gives them less distractions and more time to really focus on the task at hand.

Just because introverts like to do their work alone does not mean that they do not like people or that they are afraid of speaking in public. It just means that they prefer to work things out by themselves. When they are able to share their thoughts and ideas with others, they spring to life and become less introverted. These qualities build great leaders and very successful people.



  1. Thank you for this post regarding introverts. I am an introvert and it is interesting how acquaintances and co-workers are always surprised when I tell them that I am introverted. I tend to lead naturally, and I am comfortable speaking in front of large groups. I did have to overcome accepting myself because when I was younger, adults would observe my “shyness” and insist that “I need to grow out of that.” Introverts such as myself prefer calm, quiet, time to think and plan, and create. This is not to seem elevated about others, we just lean towards a different temperament. My brother is extroverted and he has beautiful qualities as well such as, he never meets a stranger, he can sell you the moon with a coupon, he is generous and fun loving. We know there are unsuccessful introverts. In my opinion,the person who does not find success is the one who chooses not to work within their gifts, talents, and temperament. Again, thank you for the article.

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