The Modern Marriage: Old Rules That Need to be Thrown Out


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Marriage is different than it used to be. Old rules no longer apply. Here are ten outdated marriage rules.

1. Once you are married you no longer have a life: This is not true. You can love and care for your husband and family but you don’t have to always be the dutiful wife tending to his every whim. You will resent the marriage if you stay this way. Take time for yourself.

2. Pouting gets your point across. Again, not true: Couples should get their point across to each other by expressing their true feelings, not pouting in a corner.

3. S*xual desires should not be discussed: Yes, the discussion may be awkward, but you don’t want to fall into a rut in the bedroom. Make sure that you are expressing what you want.

4. Seeing a marriage therapist can mean failure: Wrong. Seeing a counselor means that you are taking action. The sooner you start the therapy, the sooner you can be on the right track.

5. Husbands should make the money: More and more women are ditching the role of stay-at-home wife and going out to make money, sometimes more than their spouses.

6. Fighting means you are unhappy: Every couple needs to fight. If there is no fighting, something could be wrong. The key is learning how to “fight fair” and learning conflict resolution skills.

7. Marriage should revolve around the kids: Of course children need to be well taken care of but marriage should revolve around the couple. Take time for yourselves away from the kids once in a while to keep the romance alive.

8. Don’t talk about your profession with your spouse: Talking about your job with your significant other is a great way for you to get the stress of the day out. If you don’t, things could transfer down to your relationship.

9. Marriage is between two people: More and more couples are beginning to develop friendships with their exes and even new children of their ex. Be sure not to badmouth your ex in front of their children.

10. Divorce means that you are a failure: Hardly. Divorce simply means that your relationship just didn’t work. Some couples have serious problems that can’t be solved by therapy or talking about it.



  1. Wow! I agree with everything mentioned except #10. Unless we are non-believers, your marriage is also a covenant to God (Your Heavenly Father) and a lot of young people would just push that aside all because of lack of Faith thru Covenant Marriage. I just pray that young and old married couple would ask God to handle their situations.

  2. Oh I forgot to mention, as of July 11, 2013 our I do's is about 32 years young. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, has honored our covenant with him for this long of forever and a day. We just dare you young folks to beat that….(-:

  3. We are 8 years in as of July 15th. My beautiful wife has put up with me thus far through prayer and understanding I just pray that God continues to keep us so that we may know the blessing you have shared all these years.
    I say well done Sir!

  4. William H Leonard on

    Lorenzo as of Nov 15, 20013 I been with my wife for 49 years. It haven't been all glory and very few marriages are. We manage to waver the storms over the years. Any marriage that last does take a lots of work for it to last. Some of the young, and old folks marry for the wrong reason and others should not get married in the first place.

  5. Now at 66 years young, sometimes I wish I could have remain married for as long some you. my Parent were marer 42 years until my father passed on. The longest I was a able to stay married was 3 years ce and five annother. Congrat to all you long timers. I’m not our to Ubisoftunhappy, marriage is not for every one…there has to be unsuccessful marriages inorder for succeessful marriages to have value.

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