The Monster Within: Why You Eat Everything at “that time of the month”


By: Krystle Crossman

You can always tell when it is almost that time of the month. You turn into a ravenous monster, devouring any junk food that comes into your sight. It seems uncontrollable. With the appetite and the emotions from your hormones, it is no wonder men tend to steer clear of us. But why do we get so hungry? What is it in our body that says, it is that time of the month, let’s pig out?

When you are about to have your period your body starts to gear up. It needs to burn extra calories during this time and causes your basil metabolic rate to go up. With the extra calories being burned you are going to be extra hungry. You may end up burning 15% more calories than on a normal day. Even if you are on the best of diets your period could ruin that all. With your hormones are running wild you are going to crave sweet and salty foods.

When you are thinking about these sweet and salty foods you are thinking that they will bring you comfort as this is one of the most uncomfortable times in the month with all of the bloating and cramping. You are going to want to throw on some sweatpants and relax on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream (or the entire carton) and enjoy your food. But if you think about it you are only burning an extra 100 to 300 calories a day which is less than one serving of that ice cream you are stuffing into your face. The next time you reach for the spoon think about the calories that you are putting in and take a small serving into a bowl, put the rest away. If you can control your hunger you will be in better shape to deal with your period as you won’t have unhealthy nutrition to add to the list.


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