The Most Important Health Tip That Most Doctor’s Won’t Prescribe


doctor visitBy Krystle Crossman

Sometimes you can seemingly do everything right for your body and still become ill. You could eat right, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and get plenty of exercise yet you still feel as though you are run down or in pain. Dr. Lissa Rankin found this to be an epidemic when she began to practice in Marin, CA. She would notice that her patients lived healthy lives and yet they were still sick.

Sometimes the patients would go through rounds of expensive diagnostic testing to find something but more often than not came up empty handed and feeling frustrated. It is frustrating for the physician as well to not be able to figure out a diagnosis. Dr. Rankin decided to change something up when her patients came to see her. She added the following questions to her intake forms:

1. Are you stressed about money?
2. Are you in touch with your spiritual side?
3. Are you in a relationship and if so are you happy?
4. If you could break any rule without consequences what would it be?
5. Do you feel like you are in touch with your life’s purpose?
6. Do you feel like your creativity is being properly expressed?

Then she added two additional questions that seem to have the most impact on her patients:

1. What does your body need in order to heal?
2. What would your health condition say if it had a message to deliver to you?

For question 1 most people answer with things like, I need to get out of a bad relationship, or, I need a new job because I hate mine. Boom…instant prescription without medication.

First the courage to change and to help yourself in the way that you believe you need to change is the first step. Many do not have the willpower or the motivation to keep up this change once they have started.

If you ask yourself these questions you can help yourself to heal and can save yourself a trip to the doctor if you have minimal symptoms, however if you are having pure medical symptoms you should see your doctor.



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