The Most Important Thing To Do After a Break-Up


By: Krystle Crossman

Going through a break-up can be hard on any woman. It is how you deal with it afterwards that really shows who you are. There are good ways to handle the end of a relationship and there are ways that can be hazardous to your mental and physical health. Here are six things that you should be doing while mourning the end of a relationship:

1. You need time to heal. Don’t just jump to another person because you think you are ready or because you don’t like being alone. If you begin a new relationship with someone too quickly you will bring all of the hurt and anger from the old relationship over. Don’t try to get yourself back to your normal hectic schedule right away either. Dive into one thing that is normal for you at a time so that you have time to heal your wounds.

2. Eat healthy food. Yes, junk food may be a girl’s best friend during a break-up but it is your body’s worse enemy. Ben and Jerry may make for a great night at home watching a sappy romantic comedy, but you will regret it the next day. Even if you don’t feel like eating something healthy, do it anyway. You will thank yourself in the end.

3. Get yourself something nice. Go to a spa or get your nails done. Have a pedicure. Spend a day with a friend just driving around and enjoying the scenery and nature. Pampering yourself is a great way to relax and heal.

4. Try a massage or acupuncture. You need to try and heal your body as well as your mind.

5. Sleep is extremely important. Drink non-caffeinated tea or warm milk before bed. Take some melatonin. Meditate. Do whatever you need to do in order to fall asleep for a restful night.

6. Search for you center or sense of self. Try some yoga to get back to knowing who you are without someone else in the picture.



  1. Article is very good and very informative, but our emotional struggles are so great and are the hardest to deal with because our spirit-man is under attack due to pieces of our soul being “INHABIT / INHIBIT” (impede) by the absent partner.


    Our number-#1 first “PRIORITY” a must is to immediately start some heavy breathing /release /exhaling exercises to relax our mind body and spirit-man so we can spiritually float into some spiritual-prayer & meditation with our creator…

    Your “MEDITATION” request by mouth & spirit should be: “RELEASE FROM INORDINATE AFFECTIONS AND SOULTIES” and casting down “IMAGINATIONS YEARNINGS & CALLINGS” of the “FLESH”…
    Basically your asking God to totally sever you from that relationship so that you may move on with your life in peace with no “EXCESS BAGGAGE” to weight you down. Parts of our soulties being inhabit by the X-partner is what causes our flesh to rise up against us. Those are parts of our spirit-man that “NEED” to be “RETURNED” to us as an individual to become whole again…

    When you start (hyperventilating, panicking, becoming anxious) that is nothing more then an attack from the enemy due to your mind and flesh being in a weaken state. (Just call on the blood of Jesus), I don’t care if you have to say it 50 million times, just do it until you get your release then fall back into your prayer & meditation unto your God, peace & restful sleep will overcome you, and a classy glass of wine or 2 will also enhance relaxation. *He will answer & rescue…

    Everything else noted on the editors list is great, but the great battle is the soulties, master that and everything else that is positive will follow through behind it. Peace out

    • Redbone,

      Thank you so much for your responce I needed this. I have been praying and will continue. I havent got the meditation thing yet but this pain is so great. Again thank you, sometimes we need that wake up call.

      • @Toni…

        You will be okay… Meditation is nothing more then consentration & focusing… relax relax relax, shut that partner out of your spirit, shuck your shoulders as if to shed that person from your spirit soul & body / brush them off, see it by your mind and your focus, and the blood of your creator that covers you… Fall under subjection to your God… Much Love

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