The Number of Single Black Female Gun Owners is Rising


By Victor Trammell

According to the  National African-American Gun Association (NAAGA), single black women are one of the fastest-growing groups of people equipping themselves with firearms in the U.S.

This statistic was brought to light in an eye-opening editorial, which was published online January 9th by Michael Cottman, an investigative reporter for the Jacksonville Free Press (JFP), a Florida-based state newspaper.  Cottman’s  research was based on a recent interview he conducted with Philip Smith, president of the NAAGA.

America’s black population is currently rushing to get legally registered guns at a rate that is not getting any real national attention. In Smith’s interview with JFP, he told the newspaper that his 14,000-member organization is a part of the growing black American population that is exercising the right to bear arms.

“There is a high uptick of African-Americans buying guns across the country. We are enrolling members in gun clubs in record numbers and Black women are driving gun sales. More women are buying guns and more women are thinking about buying guns and it’s connected to the political landscape right now,” Smith told JFP.

In the wake of the violence committed against black women last year (Sandra Bland, Korryn Gaines, etc.) at the hands of armed law enforcement officers, a growing amount of concern is being raised about the safety of black women in their communities-at-large across America, reports the JFP.

“The perception of African-Americans owning guns is changing, the NAAGA reported. In 2012, the Pew Research Center conducted a national survey and found that only 29% of African-American households viewed gun ownership as positive. In 2015, that same survey showed a dramatic jump to 59% approval now that many African-American families see owning guns as a necessity.” Cottman wrote in his editorial.

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