The One Occasion $ex is an Absolute NO


By: Krystle Crossman

There are so many times when having s*x is a great activity. There is one time however when you should probably avoid the bedroom and curl up on the couch with a movie or a good book instead. If you are stressed out or have had a really bad day and are looking to blow off a little steam, having s*x is not the best option for you. When women are in this state they tend to make risky decisions that they may end up regretting later.

A study was conducted and published in the Journal of S*x Research. 1,054 men and 929 women recorded their answers to questions including whether they were in the mood for s*x when they were stressed out of feeling anxious. A majority of the women said no but there was a small group that said yes. They also said that they were more likely to go out and hook up with some random guy that they seek out at a club or a party. They also engaged in riskier behavior with these partners.

Many women said that they regretted their encounters after it was over and often felt worse once they had done the deed. Now this obviously doesn’t mean that you only have to be in a good mood to have s*x, but you should be wary of the choices that you are making if you are stressed out in any way. You wouldn’t want to engage in behavior that you will regret or that could put you I harm’s way. Try and find something different to vent your frustrations instead of going to a bar or party to find a random hook-up.



  1. Having a bad day, don’t make hasty decisions… sounds like common sense to me, but that’s my opinion.
    It’s cool though… good articulated perspective on the situation.

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