The One Thing That Can Devastate Your Relationship With Your Man If You Don’t Talk About It


????????????????????By: Krystle Crossman

Money and finances can be a touchy subject in any relationship. If you have too little or don’t know how to balance your money, fights and arguments can begin over the smallest purchase. Here are five ways to talk to your partner about money without either of you becoming snippy:

1. Agree that you need to have a real conversation. Sit down and really talk about it. Don’t just say, “We need to save more money”. Actually sit down and make a plan on how to budget the money and make a list of where everything from your paycheck should go. Do this at least once a month to go over your finances for the month ahead so there are no surprises.

2. Everyone has a different personality when it comes to money. Not everyone spends or saves the same way. Some prefer to live paycheck to paycheck and will spend every last cent that they have until the next payday. Others will not spend any money on purchases that are not bills or home necessities. If finances are becoming a problem don’t place blame or point fingers. Instead figure out what can be cut down and where you can loosen the reigns a little.

3. Figuring out what your financial personality is is very important. Do you spend a lot of money on things that you may not need? Do you impulse shop? Or are you someone who will never buy anything fun for yourself? Figuring out how you spend and how your partner spends will help you to figure out budgets and see where cutbacks will need to be made.

4. Be prepared. You never know what life will bring your way, so be prepared just in case. If you can throw money into a savings account, do it. You never know when a car will break or your home will need repairs.

5. Start out small. You don’t have to gather around the table with an in depth financial portfolio the minute that you get together with someone. The more serious talks will come down the line as your relationship grows.


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