The Other STDs You Should Avoid: Spiritually Transmitted Diseases


praying2By Krystle Crossman

Spirituality can be infectious. Everyone has a different type of belief or spirituality; some may not even realize it. Here are ten different types of spirituality that are infectious like an STD.

1. Fast food spirituality: Living life in the fast lane is something that so many of us do. Our culture is full of people that need speed, convenience, and instant gratification.

2. Faux spirituality: This is when you talk, dress, and try to act like a spiritual person would. It is a way to mimic spirituality but not actually turn into someone spiritual.

3. Confused motivations: We often confuse lesser motivations to be the more important ones and feel that spirituality will help us get there.

4. Identifying with spiritual experiences: This is where our ego takes hold and believes that we have been enlightened. In most cases, it does not last.

5. The spiritualized ego: When our ego becomes “enlightened” we seem immune to any help our outside feedback. You become stunted in your spiritual growth.

6. Mass production of spiritual teachers: There are many different trends out there that spark masses or people to believe that they have mastered a trend and can teach other people their ways.

7. Spiritual pride: This happens when someone has achieved a high level of spirituality but then shuts themselves down to new experiences or furthering themselves along their journey.

8. Group mind: When you are part of a group mind or groupthink, you stop thinking for yourself and begin going along with the group. They tell you how to act, dress, and live, and you go along with it without a second thought.

9. The chosen-people complex: Some people believe that they are the “Chosen Ones” and that they are better than any other group out there.

10. “I have arrived”: This is the point of spiritual death if you will. When people believe that they have hit their peak and are where they want to be, they stop furthering themselves completely.



  1. There is an eleventh type of STD and that is being so self-righteous with hubris of the nth degree to compose such a list!!!

  2. Once again, more proof of why our people, especially our women are in so much trouble.

    All this so called spirituality is a joke and, most important a mockery of God. And we all know what happens when we mock God…right ???

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