The Problem With the “Modern Man”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

If you looked at how we have evolved just over the last few decades you would notice some pretty extreme differences in how we act and how we think now as compared to say the 40s and 50s. There are some differences in men too, many of them are lacking certain traits that used to be prevalent. Writer Vasco Patricio tells some of the traits that he feels his fellow men are missing:

1. Culture – A lot of men don’t know what culture is anymore. They would rather sit and watch a boxing match than go to an art gallery or a history museum. Men have gotten sloppy as the years have gone along. Households used to be very clean and tidy with a tray of cigars and fine wines and scotches but now houses have become messier. Trays of the good stuff have been replaced with packs of cigarettes and a fridge full of beer.

2. Ambition – Many men lack passion and ambition in life. They just coast along working at jobs that they hate simply because it gets them through life. Jobs are hard to come by but when you find that one that you are passionate about, it’s because you were ambitious enough to go after it.

3. Courage – Men have become complacent and are driven by fear. They don’t like confrontations and often will not go for what they want anymore. Courage and confidence are two different things so while a man may seem to have all the confidence in the world, he may not have the courage to back it up.

4. Centered – Men are supposed to be the mark of certainty for everyone else. They should be sure about what they are doing and why they are doing it. Men seem to lack that centeredness and certainty as the years go on.

5. Loyalty – This is a big one. Being loyal is staying true to someone that has helped you along the way and giving back to them. Many men do not do this and only live in the cutthroat world that they have become accustomed to.



  1. I’m a old man and I agree. Men have definitely changed since the 60’s and 70’s.
    How about men and women being extremely selfish and individualistic, as they were before. Truthful article.

  2. Who writes this rubbish. What purpose does an article like this serve. Men are the same way that they have always been. I am not cultured. Some people would say that I was born under questionable circumstances. None of that matters. I now take pride in caring for my family. I know a number of other guys like me. Men have not changed. There are all kinds of men out there. Some of us are focused some are not.

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