The Secret Miracle Vegetable: Red Beet


beet-juiceBeet root is one of those vegetables that has many secret benefits that a lot of people do not  know about. For example, did you know that beets can reduce fat and are a powerful remedy for leukemia and cancer?

Unlike a lot of vegetables, beet is one of the few vegetables that will retain its many benefits even when exposed to heat, through cooking. Even though they can retain their nutrients well, when cooked, they are still great raw. A great way to get them in raw form is to include them when juicing.

Important elements contained in beet:

Rich in iron, being topped only by garlic, is so useful in blood diseases. Iron is assimilated due to the presence of vitamin C in both leaf and root of the beet. It is also rich in copper which is found only in roots and is very important in the human body, copper deficiency leads to hair loss, impaired pancreatic function, delayed healing of fractures and more.

Zinc is present also in large quantities. Zinc deficiency affects the seeing, reproductive organs and can cause heart attacks. Manganese help in the fight against renal diseases, protect the liver from adipose dystrophy, lowers blood sugar and helps eliminate excess water. Iodine, helps obese people who suffer from inhibition of thyroid function.

Beet-natural treatment:

Anemia: Due to iron-rich content favors raising the level of hemoglobin in the blood. The recommended daily consumption of fresh raw beets, cooked or pickled. 2-3 times a day, eat 200 g of beet salad, raw carrots and black radish, mixed with a little lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Alcoholism: The complex methods used in curing alcoholism and the enrichment provides the body with potassium salts, vitamins and other substances that help reduce the irresistible tendency to consume alcohol. 30 minutes before breakfast, drink 100 ml of beet juice, and between main meals, 2-3 times a day, eat beet salad, boiled or baked in the oven seasoned with garlic.

Chronic bronchitis: With a juicer, squeeze juice from a pound of beets, mixed with 1 kg of honey, 500 ml wine, a glass of carrot juice and 1 kg of kernels and peeled peaches sliced thin. Put everything in a jar, which is then placed in a bowl with warm water. Boil for another 10-12. In the meantime, mix with a sterilized wooden spoon. Store in refrigerator. Drink 75 grams each morning on an empty stomach, then eat a piece of butter. The dose obtained is for a single person. This remedy, besides chronic bronchitis, help and heal other respiratory diseases caused by cold, but also for their prevention.

Cleaning blood and thus enhancing immunity: Recipe – Beet 500 g and 500 g of finely cut carrot. Pour boiling water over the vegetables as cover and cook them over low heat for 30 minutes. When vegetables are cooked, add one cup of raisins and dried apricots and let simmer another 5 minutes. After cooling, the preparation is mixed with two tablespoons of honey and let cool for 12 hours. Drink three times a day, 100-150 g for a month. The drug helps restore the weakened body by a serious illness.

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