The Secret To Looking 40 at Age 70


larkinsBy Staff Blogger

Annette Larkins is 70 years old and looks and feels better than many 40 year olds. She plants her own foods and never eats anything that is processed. Not only does she eat the foods that she has in her garden, but she collects rainwater and drinks that as well. She says that her garden is her Fountain of Youth and thanks to her raw food diet, she looks like she is 40.

Hear her secrets in the video below:

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 Larkins gets up at 5:30am every single morning and is full of energy when she wakes up. How many of us can say that? In the 1960s Annette’s husband owned a meat shop and that is when she decided to be a vegetarian. She eventually became a raw vegan which means that she does not eat anything from an animal, not even milk or eggs, and all of her food is left unprocessed and uncooked.

 Annette’s diet consists of fruit, seeds, nuts, and veggies. She does a lot of sprouting in her garden too. Not everyone in her family eats as she does. He husband says he wishes that he would have started eating raw when she did, which was at the beginning of their marriage. He says that people wonder if Annette is his wife because she looks so much younger than him. He has to take daily prescriptions for high blood pressure and diabetes. Annette does not take any medication, not even aspirin.

Annette put out a DVD 12 years ago and also published two booklets called “Journey to Health” after her friends kept asking her questions about what she does and how she does it. Her husband describes her as a vibrant person who speaks three languages, grows her own food, and makes her own clothes.



  1. Now that IS wonder woman…..AWESOME! goes to prove everything you need for your health is in the ground and the reason so many people have cancer are diabetic and have high blood pressure problems is this mess we are eating……don t know where half of it comes from or what the other half of it is made out of!

  2. Wow!!! I try to eat pretty clean and keep the processed food to a minimum but she's living proof what a truely disipline life style can bring in later life. She's my new health idol!!!

  3. People think something is wrong when you tell them it’s best to eat like she has proven to be true. I’m glad she is living proof. Beautiful lady she is! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you sistah-girl for your commitment and confirmation to my decision…Where can I purchase the booklets?…Much love and light.

  5. What a true inspiration!! Before marriage I ate a semi-vegetarian diet but then moved to France, the carnivore capital of the world. Work became my excuse to ‘eat quickly’ (read processed and microwavable) and my health suffered significantly. A few months ago I decide to take my health back into my hands and most importantly, ensure that my daughter was eating a healthy diet. I cut out red meat, milk and processed foods and added in loads of organic fruits, vegetables, soy and pulses, plus coconut oil (this seems to be a miracle worker on super dry skin, black hair…and my morning toast). I feel like a new person. If I start to weaken, I recall this fabulous article about Annette!

  6. Tuumea Omodada Oxum on

    someone just introduced me to the womyns story yesterday… AMAZING! i started my raw food journey two weeks ago….prayin to keep it til 70 …and beyond

  7. Oh I am so encouraged by this because I am turning 40 this year and I have been working on my diet in attempts to lose the weight I gained after being laid up from being injured in a car accident 2 years ago. I am the biggest I have ever been in my entire life and I was just put on medication for my blood pressure.

  8. Thelma Walker on

    She is eating the way God intended us to. Everything is provided naturally from the earth. We do not need genetically modified foods or man-made drugs.

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