The Secret to Speeding Up Your Weight-Loss Every Time You Shower


shhhhBy: Serena Crawford

Did you know that it may be possible to lose weight just by taking a shower? A new study of brown fat in the human body shows that with the occasional cold shower you can boost your metabolism and start the fat burning process, sometimes even quicker than with diet and exercise. There is little that is known about exactly how brown fat gets started when it comes to your metabolism and burning fat in your body but researchers have a few theories including the cold temperature theory.

So what is brown fat exactly? It is a type of fat that we are all born with. Babies have a lot of brown fat when they are born to help keep them warm. It is loaded with mitochondria which help to turn calories into energy. When you get older you tend to lose this brown fat but there still isn’t a known reason as to why you lose it yet. Generally in an adult your brown fat is stored in your neck, your shoulders, and the upper part of your chest. You want more brown fat than white fat in your body as the brown fats are meant to burn off the calories that you ingest where the white fat stores all of the sugars and calories that you don’t want.

One of the ways that researchers are now saying that you can gain more brown fat to help you get rid of the white fat is through colder temperatures. Here is the trick to getting a cold shower to work for you to help gain more brown fat which will burn off the white fat cells.

1. Set the temperature of your shower to your normal temperature. You are probably going to want to do all of your washing and shampooing before you turn the temperature down.

2. After you are done turn the knob so that the water is cool, but not cold. It will help your body to adjust a little better to the colder water you are about to be standing under. Stand in the cool water for a few moments to let your body adjust.

3. Now change the temperature again and make it even colder. You may want to jump out at first but stick with it for a minute or so. Once the water is at this point your body is already kicking in the brown fat process and creating heat for you.

4. Now it is time for the really cold water. Brace yourself because it is going to come as a shock. Turn to hot water off completely. Make sure that the water is running over your neck, shoulders, and chest as that is where the majority of the brown fat is.

5. Finally, “Sneaky Weight Loss Tricks” author Jeff Anderson suggests that you stay in the water for thirty seconds if you can. You can stay in longer as your body will begin to adapt but make sure that you don’t get to the point where you are shivering.

If you really want to kick the brown fat burning process into high gear repeat this two or three times per day. Stephen Herzig, a scientist in Germany, states that even though we do not have a lot of brown fat as adults we don’t have to activate much of it to make a big impact. Researchers at UT Southwestern have found that this process creates new brown fat cells which helps your metabolism and helps you to burn the white fat off.


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