The Simple Secret That Can Make You More Motivated To Work Out


By: Krystle Crossman

Working up the motivation to exercise can be tough. There are days when you feel tired or you don’t feel well. Other days you are just feeling too lazy to do anything. Give this simple trick a try and you may soon be on your way to the gym or the park to get your exercise on.

The University of New Hampshire conducted some studies on how memory can affect your motivation to get to the gym. They found that people who recalled fond memories of a certain class that they took or a particularly good workout session that they had, they were more likely to do more exercise after recalling these memories. The study was conducted on 150 students and was published in the journal Memory.

The students in the study were split into three different groups. The first group was asked to recall a good workout or negative gym experience that would help them to increase their motivation. The next group was asked to recall a positive experience that would help to motivate them to exercise. The final group was not asked to recall any memories. They were all asked to note their intentions for future workouts.

After eight days had passed they brought the students back in to report on how they had done. They were asked to note how much they had worked out in the last week. They found out that those who had recalled the positive memories worked out the most. The ones who recall the negative memories also increased their activity, but not as much as the positive thinkers. The group that wasn’t asked to recall any memories did not have an increase in their exercise amount.

It is interesting how something that seems so small can help you in such a large way. Some other great fitness motivators are financial incentives and having someone to work out with.


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