The Type Of Exercise That Leads to More $ex When You Do It With Your Man


black-couple-workoutBy Staff Blogger

A recent study by Wakefield Research has shown that couples that run together tend to have more $ex. One thousand runners completed a survey for the Brooks Run Happy Nation Report. They weighed in on how running can affect people’s lives. Nearly 66% said that couples who go running together have more $ex.

This comes as no surprise since running raises endorphins and adrenaline. These are the same chemicals in the brain that trigger ar0usal and a feeling of love. As you are running down a trail with your partner, these feelings caused by the endorphins can make you want your partner more. The post-run chemicals that are released in the body after you run also give you a rush and make you feel better about your body which you are more likely to show off to your partner between the sheets.

Not only is running an exercise that can help out your $ex life, but there are many others that you can do as well such as cycling, aerobics, hiking, weight lifting, kickboxing, or even salsa dancing. These are all strenuous activities that get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing. This can make for a very steamy night at home after your workout!

So what if your partner isn’t into fitness? If they don’t like running or working out, never fear. There are many different things that can give you an adrenaline and endorphin rush. Try riding a roller coaster together, trying an extreme sport such as sky diving or paragliding, or seeing a really scary movie. These can all raise the l!bido for you and your partner without being a workout. The adrenaline and endorphin rush is the key.


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