The Vag!na Hat: How To Protect Your Vag!na When Shaving


By: Krystle Crossman

When it is time to get rid of the hair “down there” what is your preferred method? Do you go for a Brazilian wax, cringing and screaming in pain all while spending a ton of money for the torture? Or do you perhaps stand awkwardly in the shower with a razor, crossing your fingers and toes in the hopes that you don’t nick an ever-so-sensitive spot? There is a product on the market that may help you to relax a little bit (and save you some serious dough at the same time).

The Va J-J Visor may be the thing that you need to help out in this tough situation. It is a small hood that covers all of your sensitive lady bits so that you don’t knick them while you are trying to get rid of the hair. You simply slip the hood vertically over the area where the inner vu!va is between the outer lips. When in place it should cover from the cl!toris to you bottom. The muscles of the vag!na will help to hold it in place, but you can hold onto it as well if you feel like it is going to slip.

While you have this visor in place you will be able to shave and breathe a little easier since you don’t have that inert fear of slicing a piece of you that should never be sliced. It can be hard to shave down there because it is very difficult to see, especially if you are a larger woman or are pregnant. You mostly have to use the sense of touch and self-awareness in order to get the shave you want while minimizing the bloodshed. The Va J-J Visor can be found online and the cost is $8 per package.


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