The Ways Women Lie To Themselves and Their Husbands


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

You may think of lying as telling a blatant, flat-out lie. But what you may not realize is that if you omit telling your partner things, that is a form of lying as well that may cause problems down the road. Here are 9 omissions that you may be making:

1. Do you have a new dream or a goal such as a new job or going back to school? If you don’t tell your partner about this it could end up turning into depression because you don’t go for what you want to go after.

2. Have you ever given up something that you really want because he doesn’t want it? Don’t watch opportunities pass you by time after time. Speak with your partner and come to some compromises once in a while.

3. We all have those little things that bother us that our partner does. Do you speak up about it or do you let it go? Speak up and let him know what is bothering so you can work it out.

4. If you feel that your partner has an addiction to something you need to speak up. The addiction could grow worse and worse over time. Take care of the problem before it becomes a bigger one.

5. In-laws are often a source of contention for couples. If one of his parents says something insulting or criticizes you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable you need to talk to him about it instead of letting it go.

6. You may have an old trauma that resurfaces every now and then because your partner does something to trigger it. Let them know what is triggering these past experiences.

7. Something that you should always talk to him about before it becomes too big a problem is pushing your career to the side so that you can help him with his. This can lead to resentment.

8. Every now and then couples will b*utt heads on certain topics, and it’s always the same topics. Don’t try to change his mind on the subject, instead try to work out the problem together with compromise.

9. Don’t assume that he means something when you don’t know. If he hasn’t voiced a concern it may not be a concern he actually has.