These African Women Are Using Technology for Financial Freedom


By Victor Trammell

Hundreds of amazing women in the African nation of Tanzania are opening doors for themselves and others by providing solar energy resources to their loved ones in remote rural communities.

According to, a well-organized initiative called Solar Sister is being put into place inside Tanzania. This social enterprise is helping African women become better educated about the sustainability of renewable solar energy and how it can help them make money while preserving their environment.

The large group of women helping to spread the word about Solar Sister in Tanzania consists of so-called “solar evangelists” and independent businesswomen who are embarking on a mission of great societal change. These wonderful black women of Solar Sister are also working in the African nations of Uganda and Nigeria as well.

“We’re deliberately including women as part of the clean-energy chain and really changing the narrative from ‘oh, these poor women, they are victims’ to women as change agents,” Neha Misra told E&E News. Misra is a co-founder of Solar Sister. She is a driving force behind the success of this initiative.

Solar Sister provides women in rural African areas with stoves and other cooking appliances that rely on solar energy. Many of the women who live in these remote rural areas do not have access to electricity.

“Solar Sister enables women to make a profit by negotiating with the manufacturer on their behalf as well as giving them continuous mentoring and training,” wrote Frederick Ngugi, a correspondent for Face2Face Africa. “Each product is tailored to specific needs of the intended consumer to guarantee quick sales,” Ngugi continued.

Hilaria Paschal, a Solar Sister entrepreneur talked about her success with this new initiative in a July 16th interview with The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. Paschal said that she has already sold solar products to over 1,000 customers. She is currently mentoring Tanzanian women and helping them to gain financial freedom.







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