These Bad Habits Are Keeping the Fat in Your Body


By: Isabella Carson

Does it seem like you keep gaining or maintaining the same weight month after month no matter what you do? You may be guilty of one or more of the following habits that can keep the fat sticking around:

1. Eating the free food that restaurants put out for you such as bread and popcorn – These are additional calories that you end up adding on top of your meal, sometimes they can be 100-200 more calories than what you would normally eat. Skip the free food and stick to your regular meal or order a smaller meal if you don’t want to skip the free goodies.

2. Buying skim milk – Skim milk is loaded with sugar so that it tastes better. A better option is 2% milk because it has less fat than whole milk, less sugar than skim, but has enough fat to help your body process what you have had to eat that day.

3. DVR – Recording shows is convenient but it is not good for your sleeping habits. People who record shows and watch them later at night end up losing sleep. Studies showed that people who got five hours of sleep or less during the night retained 2 ½ times the belly fat than people who got a full night’s sleep.

4. Superstore shopping – When you shop at a superstore you are less likely to buy fresh produce. This is especially true in stores like Costco and BJ’s where you buy in bulk. Try venturing out to a health food store instead to get fresh foods.

5. Eating too fast – Your body needs time to tell you that it’s full. The faster you eat the more you eat because your body hasn’t had time to catch up and tell you that it’s had enough. People who eat slowly consume an average of 66 calories less than those who eat quickly.

6. Combos – When you order a combo meal you end up getting more calories than you would if you went a la carte because you are getting things all together instead of piecing out your meal.

7. Not enough water – Drinking at least six cups of cold water per day can help increase your metabolism and burn more calories. People who do not drink enough are not as hydrated and do not get that extra boost to help burn calories.

8. Ordering order – When you are at a restaurant with your friends you should always try to order first if you are watching your calories. Studies have shown that when ordering at a restaurant with others around people tend to order what their peers are ordering even if it’s not what they were going for in the first place. This can lead to a higher calorie meal than you intended.

9. Buffet seating – If you choose to eat at a buffet, eat somewhere where you cannot see the food from your seat. If you can see it and smell it you are more likely to keep going back for more.

10. Not checking out the news – There are a lot of different nutritional news posts out there but many people delete them or pass right by. There could be some really informational posts that you aren’t looking at and could miss out on!


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