These Common Insecurities Could Be Ruining Your $ex Life


By: Serena Crawford

Every woman feels insecure in bed at one point or another. It’s in our nature to do so. There are some common insecurities that have easy solutions and once you can get past them you can really have a much better s*x life. You will be able to focus on the deed more and will be able to enjoy yourself without worry. Here are three insecurities that so many women feel:

1. You are bad in bed: Just one person telling you that you are bad in bed or that you were boring is all that it takes to get your mind spinning. You think about what you were doing wrong and the next time you are having a romp in the sack you are more focused on whether it’s good for him than just focusing on having a good time. Every person is different in bed with their likes and dislikes so get some communication going and find out what they want in bed. Once you know that you will be able to take control of just how good the s*x is!

2. Your most unflattering parts of your body are doing unflattering things: You can’t help but to feel exposed when you are naked with someone. It can lead you to wonder what you look like to them and whether the parts of your body that may have a little extra padding are going to be a turn off or not. Sometimes women become so focused on not having that extra padding flopping around that they will forgo some really fun positions and end up having less fun when they are being intimate with their partner. They try to find positions where they can cover themselves up or where they are not front and center.

3. You are worried that your lady bits don’t look “normal”: Thanks to an endless amount of p0rnography that is available at the touch of a button we think that there is pretty much one way that your downstairs should look and that is it. You stress about whether you should wax everything off or whether having a neat trim will turn him off. You worry that it doesn’t look “normal” but there is no “normal” when it comes to those parts of you. Every single woman is different and when you are in the middle of a steamy night, the guy is not going to be comparing it to other women’s lady parts!


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