These Foods Are The Worst; They Make You Overeat and Gain Weight


By: Krystle Crossman

Portion control is everything when you are trying to lose weight. Here are ten foods that will make you eat more than you should, so watch out:

1. White processed flour: Anything that is made with this flour does not have any fiber to fill you up and is also made with simple sugars that make you feel like you are still hungry.

2. Cheese: There is a protein that is found in dairy products such as cheese that is called casein. When it is broken down it turns into morphine which usually makes people feel pretty good. It also makes you want to keep eating it.

3. Fried anything: When you eat something that is fried you are throwing fat, sugar, and processed flour into your body. It is a trifecta of craving-worthy foods that make it almost impossible to stop.

4. Sugar: Sugar is in so many of the foods we eat and is highly addictive. Dr. Robert Lustig says that brain scans have shown that sugar has the same addictive properties as cocaine.

5. Fruit juice: While you may think fruit juice is healthy for you because it is fruit that is not the case with most of the juices on the shelves. They are full of craving-inducing sugar.

6. Chocolate: Chocolate raises the amount of serotonin in our body which is a feel-good chemical. Of course you are going to want to keep eating what makes you feel good!

7. Red meat: When people eat red meat it is almost never in the small portion that is okay to eat. It contains something called hypoxanthine which is a stimulant that makes you feel like you need to eat more.

8. Dried foods: This “healthy” food is not very healthy for you either. They lose all of their nutrition in the drying process and are also loaded up with sugars to preserve them.

9. Alcohol: Alcohol is filled with sugar and calories. If this wasn’t enough it impairs your judgment and can make it very hard to stop drinking.

10. Diet soda: The artificial sweeteners that are found in diet soda make your body think that sugar is coming, but then when none does your body will get cravings for it through the day.


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