These Hairstyles Make You Look “Old”


By: Krystle Crossman

How you style your hair can say a lot about you. It can also make you look a lot older or a lot younger than you really are. Here are six things that you may be doing to your hair that aging you considerably:

1. Too dark – Many women like to have the jet black hair but for older women it may not be the best color for you. When you have dark hair like that you will notice thinning more as the scalp is lighter than the hair. The hair will also make any wrinkles on your face more pronounced as it casts a harsher shadow on your face when it’s darker.

2. Make the gray sparkle – Just because you have gray hair doesn’t mean that you have to look older. There are products that add a lot of shine to your hair. Make sure it doesn’t go towards a yellowish gray color as that will age you, but a silver and sparkling gray will help you keep your youth.

3. Too short – Many women feel that they need to go shorter when they are older to be more conservative. The problem with this is that it can make you look much older. You can keep it short but not too short. Try a shaggy look that will still be manageable but can still be stylish.

4. Too extreme – When you go with an extreme color or an extreme style people are going to think that you are trying to hide your age which can make you seem older than you are.

5. Too long – Just as your cut can be too short it can also be too long. The heavier your hair is the more it can drag your features down. Parted in the middle and hanging flat makes you look older. Try a medium length bob with layers instead.

6. Try some lowlights – If your hair is too light, like a platinum blonde, you are going to end up washing out your face. Add some lowlights such as a caramel color to soften your features and add some contrast to your face.



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