These “Healthy” Foods Are Not What You Think They Are


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We are constantly bombarded with images of foods that are bad for us and then growing trends that are supposedly healthy for us. Unfortunately there are some foods that people think are healthy for them but in reality they are just as bad as fast foods and candy. Here are a few common foods that people think are healthy but they aren’t according to JJ Virgin, a nutrition and fitness expert:

1. Green juice – Store-bought green juices have an overload of sugar. The companies that make the drinks know just how horrible these green juices can taste so they add a ton of sugar to make them taste better yet they are still touted as healthy drinks. For a better option make your own green juices at home. All you have to add is a little bit of lemon to make it taste better.

2. Protein bars – If you are looking to add protein diet these are not the way to go but they are unfortunately very convenient if you are out and don’t have time for a meal of chicken or fish. Most of these are just sugared-up candy bars that have a few “healthy” ingredients thrown in. Try to find the ones with as few ingredients as possible and watch out for ones that have artificial sweeteners.

3. Yogurt – Yogurt doesn’t taste all that great without sugar added to it and manufacturers know this. Have you ever looked at the sugar content in one tiny little cup of yogurt? It is almost as bad as having the cinnamon bun that you really wanted. No sugar added Greek yogurt is a good alternative if it is plain and you can add your own fresh fruits to it.

4. Balsamic vinaigrette – Many of us avoid salad dressings such as ranch because there is a very high fat content. However vinaigrettes can be just as bad only with sugar. They use caramel coloring which brings the sugar content up.

5. Smoothies – Smoothie bars are popping up all over the place but are they really as healthy as you think? It all depends on what is in those smoothies. If you are getting a smoothie at a chain such as Orange Julius you are ingesting 12 teaspoons of sugar per serving. That is as much as a serving of a milkshake. A better alternative is to make your own at home with fresh fruits and veggies and use soy, almond, or coconut milk.

6. Protein shakes – That powder that you are adding to a glass of milk every morning for your daily protein shake is loaded with sugar which could cause you to have cravings and a sugar crash later in the day.

7. Stevia – 100% Stevia is a great alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. However you should be careful when buying Stevia. Make sure that it’s 100%. Some store-bought stevia packages contain dextrose as the first ingredient, which is sugar.


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