These Single Mothers Are Successful Entrepreneurs; Here are Their Secrets


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Being a single mother and being an entrepreneur at the same time can be hard work but it can be done. Many think that it is impossible to be a successful business woman with the rising cost of childcare but there is some advice from women who have done it that may help:

1. Co-founder of BlogHer, Lisa Stone, says that you need to get rid of people who are toxic in your life. They will only drag you down and try to crush your dreams. To be successful you need to have supportive people around you at all times.

2. Karla Campos founded the company Social Media Sass which is a digital marketing and training company. She says that you have to remember that an entrepreneur job is not your normal 8-hour job. You may be up until all hours of the night working and getting little to no sleep because you have to drop the kids off at school in the morning. She states that you have to take time for yourself every now and then and get some room to breathe.

3. NewME CEO and founder Angela Benton has had amazing success with her business in just 3 years. She states that you need to remember that being a single mother isn’t a setback, just a challenge that you will need to face. Benton says that being and entrepreneur and single mother teaches you a lot of skills such as multi-tasking.

4. Lauren Thom started her business Fleurty Girl in New Orleans with just $2,000 and now has grown to five stores and 30 employees. She said that it is really important that you involve your kids somehow in the business so that they never feel left out.

5. Melissa Keiling is a single mother of three who was looking for a way to keep their lunches cool all day. She invented a lunch bag with a freezable gel lining which has sold over $14 million in products. She says that you need to look for inspiration everywhere and try to find what would make things in your life easier.

6. Zhena Muzyka has created a tea business that sells over $6 million per year. Her advice is that as a single mother if you date men you need to find ones who are going to be supportive and not competitive. You will know that they are competitive when they try to get you to themselves more than is possible and get angry over your time spent on work or children.

7. Natalie Angelillo has been very successful in her career. She has been the CEO and VP for multiple big name companies such as Getty Images. She says that you can’t feel guilty for building a life for yourself and your children. You have to look at the positives in life. For example even though you are spending time on work more than the kids sometimes they are learning to be independent.

8. Sherry Colbourne is a part of the high tech industry. She feels that really balancing your time and making time every day to connect with your kids is one of the most important things that you can do. It builds your relationship with them and gives you something to work for every day.

9. Nusha Pelicano competes in Ironman races. She also owns five franchise frozen yogurt shops with another in development. She said that when she looked at what she wanted to do it seemed overwhelming and she didn’t think that she was going to be able to balance work and family. In the end she has been able to figure out how to do so but she says that you need to realize that what is good for one person is not good for another and you need to find the balance that fits your family.

10. Brook Eddy owns her own socially conscious beverage company. She said that after a trip to India she became inspired to start the company but was overwhelmed at first because she kept comparing herself with male business owners. She said that once she stop comparing herself with others she was able to focus on her career and be successful.



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