These Sisters Are Two Of Hollywood’s Best Party Planners


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Victoria Reese/Pintrest

The event and party planning business is a lucrative, fun, and socially enriching profession to be involved in.

It is the epitome of lifestyle entrepreneurship, which is essentially getting paid regularly to do the things that you enjoy in your leisure time. No matter how big or small your event or party planning business is, actively engaging in networking opportunities is a key to continued success.

An example of a thriving company of this kind is called MVD Inc. This event production, public relations, integrated marketing, and branding firm is based in Los Angeles, California. MVD Inc. was founded by two sisters named Miatta David-Johnson (pictured left) and Massah David (pictured right).

These two resourceful and creative black women might not have household names. However, their company has produced events for some of Black Hollywood’s most prestigious people, such as Mary J. Blige and Common. MVD Inc. has also produced some of the industry’s biggest Grammy parties.

“They are the best. I only work with the best,” reads an actual testimonial by rapper and producer Kanye West on the MVD Inc. website.

Regardless of how stellar and star-studded their business is today, Miatta and Massah started off like the majority of other entrepreneurs: With only a dream. In an exclusive interview with Essence Magazine, the two Liberian-bred sisters talked about their humble beginnings and the shining path they are on.

“I think that because of our upbringing and our Liberian roots the work ethic that we have we’ve learned from our parents and our family. It was extremely important we understood that anything you want in this world you have to work hard for,” Miatta told Essence.

Massah, the less vocal interviewee in this sister act talked with Essence about leadership and the significance of being an original.

“For me, being a leader means setting your own path and, to a certain extent, going against the grain. We’re not really interested in doing what everyone else is doing. We’re more concerned with creating trends,” Massah said.

To learn more about MVD Inc. and the exciting things this company has been involved in, tap or click here.





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