These Strange Habits Could Indicate That You Have a Disorder


By: Krystle Crossman

ADHD is a disorder that is commonly diagnosed in children but not as much for adults. The fact is that many adults have ADHD but don’t realize it. Here are some behaviors that may not seem like indicators but actually are:

1. Waiting – The waiting is the hardest part. You feel like you can’t sit and wait for something. You hit the “open door” button on the microwave before the timer hits zero. While you are waiting you are bouncing your leg up and down or fidgeting just to have something to do. This is a classic sign of ADHD. You must remain occupied at all times and waiting for something brings up the severe impatience that is a symptom of ADHD.

2. Bathroom – Do you find yourself getting up to go to the bathroom a lot but you don’t really need to use the bathroom? You just need to get up and walk around and at work that is usually the only thing that your boss can’t question you on. People with ADHD have a very hard time sitting still and focus for long periods of time.

3. Hobbies – Oh, the hobbies that you will have. If you find that you bounce from one hobby to another and leave most of them unfinished you just may have ADHD. You could pick up knitting, but then halfway through the sweater you decide to start on a hat. And before you are done with the hat you decide that scrapbooking is better for you. A few pages in you move on to photography. Before you know it you have a house full of hobby supplies and nothing that is finished.

4. Cell Phone – Your cell phone is your best friend. It is in your hands at all times and right after you shut it off you have it turned back on again to see if you have gotten any new emails or Facebook notifications. People with ADHD are bored easily and a cell phone brings instant gratification with games and social media.

5. Interruptions – Conversations with others can be fun for someone with ADHD as long as the other person keeps their sentences short and sweet. If someone goes on and on for too long it is almost guaranteed that someone with ADHD is going to interrupt because they are impatient or they have something that they really want to say and can’t wait to say it.

6. Road Rage – Traffic jams are frustrating. They can ruin your entire day. This is especially true for someone with ADHD. As mentioned above it is hard for someone with this disorder to wait and being stuck in a car with nothing to do but sit and watch traffic crawl is like a slow torture.

If you feel that several or all of these apply to you it may be worth speaking to your doctor about.


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