These Tricks Helped This Woman Lose 75 Pounds While Working 3 Jobs


By: Krystle Crossman

Felicia Greenwald knows what it is like to be busy. She works three jobs which leaves very little time for anything else including healthy habits. But she has found a way to find time to eat healthy food and get a healthy routine in. This has helped her to lost 75 pounds. She started at 235 pounds and is now down to 161 pounds. This is Felicia’s story and her tips on how to squeeze in a healthy lifestyle even though you may feel like you are too busy.

When Felicia went to college she gained the freshmen 15 and thensome. She had always been healthy in high school and very athletic. Once she got into college her diet changed drastically and sports took a backseat. She ended up gaining 20 pounds overall. Then she got together with a man who loved to eat out at restaurants. They ended up eating out at restaurants all the time and it caught up with her. Felicia gained 40 pounds through the course of their five month relationship. She was at her heaviest weight that she had ever been at when they broke up. She knew that she had gained a lot, she could see it on her body and she did not like it.

While out on a hiking trip with her family in the Grand Canyon she ate healthy and got plenty of exercise. To her delight Felicia realized that she had lost 10 pounds and others on the trip with her were noticing. She knew that she had to try and make this change for good. Once she got back home from the trip she began to plan out meals and make them ahead of time so that she wasn’t stuck with takeout or delivery. She got rid of soda, started drinking more water, and exercising at least five days per week. She was beginning to feel great and started seeing the weight melt off.

Felicia went out and bought a juicer to make veggie and fruit juices to drink in the morning for a great start to her day. She also bought a food processor so that she could make foods like soups and stews in bulk and then eat them through the week. Within four months of living this new healthy lifestyle Felicia was able to drop from 235 pounds to 182 pounds. She was excited but it quickly wore off once she started her own photography business. Her weight kept fluctuating up and down and she was not able to find time to continue with her healthy track. She tried fad diets instead which only made things worse.

Finally someone recommended that she try the Jenny Schatzle Program. It was expensive and she almost didn’t bother trying it but after one class she became hooked. She followed the meal plan that they had laid out, had consultations with a dietitian, and began interval training. She liked exercising because it was different every day and her body began to drop weight quickly again. Now that she is back down to a weight that is below what she was in high school she has advice for people who are trying to lose weight but are really busy:

1. Don’t tell yourself that you can have something unhealthy and then get back on track Monday. You will end up slipping into old habits and you won’t help your body one bit.

2. Make sure that you aren’t underestimating yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to and you have to believe that you are able to lose the weight and stick with it.

3. Even if you only have a few minutes during the day make sure you are getting your exercise in. Do at least 10 minutes of exercise per day to keep your healthy habits on track.


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