These Two Young Ladies Are Empowering a Vast Network of African Businesswomen


By Victor Trammell

Women in Africa can sometimes have certain barriers to entry when it comes to establishing themselves in the world of entrepreneurship.

However, Yasmin Belo-Osagie (pictured left) and Afua Osei (pictured right) have created an effective business gateway, which helps women on the African continent overcome barriers to entrepreneurship. Belo-Osagie and Osei are the founders of She Leads Africa (SLA), a digital media company that helps a network of around 300,000 women.

“She Leads Africa is a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams,” reads a message on the SLA About Us website page. The message goes on to read: “With engaging online content and pan-African events, our vision is to become the #1 destination for smart and ambitious young women.”

SLA is certainly on pace to achieve its goal. Belo-Osagie and Osei have built an effective team around them, which helps SLA organize very successful events on the African continent and on other continents. A recent SLA event in Nigeria helped the company achieve some dynamic benchmarks toward future success.

“Our recent Slay Festival in Lagos had more than 1,400 people come out for a day of innovation, culture and technology. It had 81 million social media impressions,” said Belo-Osagie and Osei in a joint statement to

SLA also partnered recently with BBC Africa to live stream an event called SheHiveLondon, which was held in the U.K.

“We have also provided more than $50,000 (R661,458) in grant money to women entrepreneurs and provided training to 1,000 young entrepreneurs on business strategy, digital marketing and finance,” Belo-Osagie and Osei also said in their joint statement.

Belo-Osagie and Osei started SLA in 2014. In the beginning, it was just the two of them working for and running the company. After they organized their first pitch competition in May of 2014, things really started taking off for SLA.

“We launched our first pitch competition in May 2014 and within six weeks we had nearly 400 applications from more than 25 countries,” the two ladies added.

To learn more about SLA and what this company is doing for its vast community of African businesswomen and aspiring African female entrepreneurs, click here.






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