Things Women Think Are Very $exy But Men Say Are Absolutely Not


thBy: Krystle Crossman

Most women think they know what it is that turns men on. But in reality, these things that they are doing are not well received by men but they don’t want to say anything to their ladies.

1. Squeezing his [email protected] They are not stress [email protected], so there is no reason to be squeezing them.

2. Pulling on the pen!s – It is just like yanking on the cord of a dinner bell. It is not s*xy so don’t do it!

3. Making them work for it when it comes to chasing you. Men don’t find this amusing at all, and the more you play hard to get, the less attractive you will be to them.

4. Dry or rough hand jobs. Ouch. It is not a shake weight, you don’t need to be so rough. This could turn a man off very quickly.

5. Being too loud and too fake. They know that they are not starring in their own private p0rn0 movie, so you don’t need to act like a p0rn star. It is fine when you are really getting excited, but not the whole way through.

6. Playing with the nipples. Seriously, it does nothing for them so don’t waste your time.

7. Bragging about how well you give head. This just sets you up for failure.

8. Waiting for them to make the first move. It is more of a turn on when the woman makes the first move, not the guy.

9. Having $ex even though you really don’t want to just to make him happy. He will know you are not into it and that takes all the fun out of it.

10. Sticking your finger in his butt with no warning. Just…no.

11. Shaving every little part of your body. Men don’t care if there is some stubble. It is what it is.

12. Calling yourself fat. This just makes everyone upset.

13. Holding in your farts or pretending you don’t go number two. They know you do, so just do it.

14. Thinking that every $exual encounter needs to end in [email protected] It doesn’t. Just let things go naturally.

15. Don’t put your tongue in their pee hole. They don’t like it.

16. Do not talk baby talk. It’s not cute, it’s not funny; it is annoying.



  1. Each man is different. Women, learn your man & what works for him…don't rely solely on an article. Go through the list with him & find out for yourself what pleases him & what doesn't…you'd be surprised! 😉

  2. David Jeremiah Gaskin on

    There's alot of truth to this but at the end of the day each man is different for instance I like my woman to play with her nipples…………

  3. Some if these are really funny. Some of them I never heard of and would never do either. Good article though. I have to share these with my friends, we will all get a good laugh at this one!

  4. Reginald Duane Thurman on

    Yes ladies know your man. Some of these things some men might like some of these things they might not.

  5. Reginald Duane Thurman on

    Yes ladies know your man. Some of these things some men might like some of these things they might not.

  6. The most pathetic thing about any woman is the attitude of “you have to work for it”.

    The last two sistah’s I dated had several baby daddy’s, lived at home with their parents (and were hiding it), were underemployed, did not look like Miss America, and God knows how many brotha’s they had been with.

    And with all that they looked me in the eye and told me “you have to work for it”.

    They obviously did not realize how ignorant, childish, immature, and emotionally unstable they looked.

    After the first or second date, I stopped returning their phone calls.

    • If you felt this way about her then she did a good thing by pushing you away. There is nothing wrong with making a man prove himself…you sure did.

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  8. I once dated a man who had both his nipples pierced and loved them to be licked, sucked and bitten. I think it depends on the man, not the article. where do they get this stuff???

    • Inowhutimtalkingbout on

      See that’s what wrong with women you all don’t know how to listen when you get good advice..that why men argue with you all…. this article is so true because I hate all that stuff I agree with you the nipple thing is not that bad but its kind of gay and how many men you know pierces there nipples…. if you ask me ….do what it says cause i only enjoyed my nipples being “kissed” “once” yes one time every other time I hated it an i still do along with all the other stuff listed perfect article.

  9. #1 is on target!!!! Most of them are good but agree everyone is different but I almost guarantee every man agrees with #1. LOL!

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  11. The nipples thing is a matter of preference. I know a guy who gets very turned on from having a woman play with/lick his nipples.

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