Think You Are Eating a Healthy Breakfast? Think Again


By: Krystle Crossman

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kickstarts our metabolism and sets our body up for the food that we will eat later in the day and gives us energy. There are a lot of great foods that you can eat in the morning to help your body but there are some common foods that everyone thinks are a great way to start off the morning but they are incorrect.

1. Yogurt – Yogurt is often touted as one of the best things that you can eat for breakfast but there is a little hidden secret that no one tells you about. That spoonful of fruit and yogurt may be delicious but if you look at the label on that tiny cup of yogurt you will see why it has made this list. Some yogurts can have up to 25 grams of sugar in one little serving! As an alternative to these kinds of yogurt either eat the full-fat version as there is less added sugar or have full-fat, no sugar added Greek yogurt and put your own fresh fruit in.

2. Smoothies – Smoothies can be a delicious blend of fruits and yogurt that make breakfast enjoyable. However again, sugar reigns supreme in this breakfast food. The yogurt adds more sugar to the fruit that you are adding in, and then if you add low-fat or fat-free milk which has even more sugar. Chains like Jamba Juice and Orange Julius have smoothies that have over 12 tablespoons of sugar in just one drink! Try having a protein shake in the morning instead. You can blend protein powder and some coconut or almond milk for an enjoyable shake.

3. Fat-free – Basically you are going to want to stay away from anything that is fat-free or reduced-fat. When you take the fat out of foods and drinks you also take out the taste. So to compensate for that manufacturers add in more and more sugar and additives. Full-fat foods are not bad in moderation.

4. Artificial protein – Protein is all the rage these days. Manufacturers use that to their advantage and so they make everything “protein-rich”. What they are actually doing to these foods is putting in a cheap soy protein isolate into them along with gluten, additives, sugars, and chemicals. If you want a protein boost in the morning simply have some apple slices with almond butter or peanut butter on them or have a hard-boiled egg or two.

5. “Healthy cereal” – Bran flakes and corn flakes aren’t all they are cracked up to be. All of the cereals that you think don’t have a lot of sugar in them because they are an “adult” cereal may surprise you. You could be shocked to see how much sugar they actually have in them. Instead of having cereal in the morning try having something that you wouldn’t normally have like vegetables that you would eat for dinner such as broccoli or cauliflower.


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