Think Your Are Turning Your Man On? Think Again


downloadBy: Serena Crawford

You may think that you know all of the tricks to turn your man on but you may inadvertently be doing things that turn him off instead. Here are some common “s*xy tricks” that women do that may actually be making their men less intrigued:

1. Lights out – Men like to visualize things. When you are in the bedroom and you head for the light switch you are not just turning the lights off. If you are not that comfortable with all of the lights on go for a light that is dimmer or light a bunch of candles.

2. Too much make-up: If you wear a lot of make-up a guy may be wondering what you really look like when it all comes off. They may not stick around to find out. A little make-up goes a long way. It can highlight your natural features without hiding your natural beauty.

3. Schedules: Scheduling s*x time is not s*xy in the least. It is far more fun when it’s spontaneous and passionate. You schedule doctor’s appointments and play time, but not your s*x life.

4. Faking: You may think that you are pleasing your man if you fake having the big O but it is actually making him think that you are lying to him. He will feel like you are a fake person. Most guys know that it can take a while for a woman to climax.

5. Bottoms Up: Getting drunk is not s*xy either. You turn into a hot mess if you get too sloppy. You may think that you are hot but others think that you are out of control. Your man could get embarrassed and not want to be around you so take it easy on the boozing.

6. Scratching: Some men like pain, but not most. Raking your nails down his back may seem hot like the movies make it out to be, but you are actually causing him a lot of pain that you don’t need to. If you want him to know that he is doing something right, dig in with your fingertips and not the nails or hold him tighter.

7. Commando: Some men will find it to be very s*xy if you go commando when you are on a date with them but if you do it all of the time it can change their opinion about you. You could seem like you are easy if you are doing this around others and not just them.

8. Director’s Cut: You don’t need to tell him step by step what to do in the bedroom. This can be a huge turn off and make him want to get things done as quickly as possible.

9. First Date: If you put out on the first date it may not say much about your character. He may end up thinking that you are a promiscuous person and if that’s not what he is looking for you probably won’t get a second date.

10. Distressed: Everyone loves playing the damsel in distress every now and then to see their man come running to their aid. Do this enough however and you will have your man thinking that you are too needy and maybe a little clueless.



  1. You are wrong about scheduling sex. If that’s the only way you can get to it, then that’s what you do. In the end you get to have sex, & scheduling is better than not having it at all

  2. Doing it on the first date never made me think any less of a woman. Personally, I don’t like the hold-out game. Sorry Steve (Harvey), but you’re full of it. Truth is if she’s not doing it with you, she’s doing it with someone else. Someone whose not paying for expensive dinners and gifts. Someone who just gets the call to come over and finish the night I started. Doing it on the first date lets me know she likes me and is attracted to me. It tells me that she’s invested some skin in the game (no pun intended) and that I’m not wasting my time with someone trying to get a free meal before she calls her stud.

  3. I guess it depends on the man/woman and where they are as people. When I met my man 4 years ago, we met on a Saturday and was in bed by Monday. Notice that I said 4 years ago, because the point is we still together and still gets it in..

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