Thinking of Ending a Serious Relationship? Ask Yourself These Questions First


By: Serena Crawford

When you are in a serious relationship it can be tough to determine if you should still be in the relationship or if you should get out before you drag things on any longer. Some partners pull away from each other and over time the relationships fizzles out. Some partners end things before they should. There are questions that you should ask yourself to figure out if it is time to pull the plug on the relationship or not:

1. Are arguments settled in a mature and constructive way? – Couples have different ways of dealing with conflict. Some couples sit down and communicate in a very mature manner and can solve their problems easily. Then there are couples that are nearing the end of a relationship that pick fights just to find something to fight about and refuse to communicate how they are really feeling. If you find that your fights end in someone storming out and the issue never gets resolved or if one partner abandons their beliefs and gives in because they are tired of fighting it may be time to end things.

2. Are we on the same page when it comes to our future? – Marriage, children, careers, buying a home, and moving to another location are all big decisions that will eventually have to be made during a long-term relationship. Communicate with your partner and talk about your goals for the future to make sure that you are both on the same page. If you do not agree on anything for the future it may be time to go your separate ways as one will resent the other for making them do something they don’t want to do.

3. Are we satisfied with our life in the bedroom? – Making love is a big part of a relationship. There is no standard for how often you should do it as it all depends on the couple, but both partners should be satisfied. If one is not satisfied with it they may end up straying or becoming very unhappy with the relationship.

4. Do we make each other our first priority? – Couples in serious relationships should put each other before anyone else when it comes to matters of their relationship. If they have a fight one should not run to family or friends and get their opinion on the matter and then bring that back to their other partner.

5. Are we still laughing and having fun together? – You need to be able to have fun with the person that you are with. Yes, relationships are hard work and require a lot of serious thought however if the joy is gone there can’t be much of a relationship at that point because you need the joy to balance out the hard work.