Thinking Of The Motherless On Mother’s Day


mother loveThe fact that we are here means that we have or had a mother. But for some, making the assumption that the person they called “mother” was warm, loving and nurturing is a wrong assumption. For some people, their mother was a broken soul who had neither the desire, nor the capacity to love themselves, let alone another being. That is sad, but it is true. For yet others, having a mother was the greatest gift that they could ever receive but their mother’s life was cut short…perhaps by an illness or an accident.

As we celebrate mothers all over the world, let’s keep those who do not have a mother in our thoughts and send them some love.

Below is one woman’s story about being motherless on Mother’s Day:

I’m still adjusting to being the person in the Hallmark store who skips right past the “Mom” section. It doesn’t apply to me now. I don’t have a mom anymore. At least, I don’t have a living one. This makes me sad. Most of the time I don’t let that sorrow in, but here’s the truth: It sucks ass to lose your mom (or any parent, I would imagine).

I miss her every day. Not so much that I’m not able to function in the world, but yes, so much that right now, tears are streaming down my face as I type this. Because in my mind, my mom was the best mom ever, and that email would have spoken to me two years ago.

I might have even forwarded it to her with a note that said, “Thinking of you.” Yes, I probably would have. But I can’t now. There’s no one there at that email address anymore.

It’s ok — really, it is. She needed to go. It’s the natural cycle of life, and I get that. We live, we love and we die. If we’re intelligent, somewhere along the way we begin to understand that we’re connected to a much greater consciousness, and that Source allows us all to be connected forever.

So in moments like these, when I’m temporarily engulfed in pain and sadness, it helps me to recall: My mom’s not gone. Her body died. But her soul is still very much alive and with me.

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  1. marcus davis on

    Yes it sucks loosing your mother ,i lost my mother last May,i always sent my mother a card or gave her a phone call on mothers day ,this is the first time i,m not able to do this so its damn tough.I say make the most of your mother while she’s still around.That incident with Kobe Bryant suing his own mother over some stupid material things is bloody disgusting.

  2. You are so right if a mother is a true mother there are 2 people you can count on for sure God first and foremost and mama second if she is anywhere on the planet.

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