This 23 Yr Old Woman Says She Embraces Her Facial Hair


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Harnaam Kaur is a victim of bullying. At the young age of 23 she has considered suicide multiple times due to this bullying. Kaur suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome which causes thick hair to grow on the face, chest, and sometimes the back. Sometimes it is not as pronounced but other times it is facial hair that presents much like a man’s facial hair would. Kaur has now decided to embrace her condition instead of running from it. She has grown a full beard.

Kaur is a teaching assistant and says that she feels confident in the way that she looks. She says that God has made her this way and so she is going to embrace that. She began growing thick hair when she was just 11 years old and was teased mercilessly for it. She was even receiving online death threats from other students at her school. She was given nicknames such as “beardo”, “shemale”, and “sheman”. She considered suicide many times and also began to harm herself.

At 16 years old she decided to be baptized and lives as a Sikh. Her parents were against it and said that she was never going to be able to get married or have a normal life because the Sikh religion forbids the removal of body hair. She didn’t care, she wanted to be happy and knew that this was the way that she was going to do that. She was done locking herself in her room and hiding away from everyone.

Kaur’s brother has been her biggest supporter through the years. She shaved the beard off when she was 17 after she was being pressured by extended family but he told her that she shouldn’t have because she looked beautiful with the beard. She says that people still stare and talk about her but she doesn’t care anymore. She knows that it must be confusing for people when they see that she has a beard and [email protected]

She is still receiving death threats but continues to post Youtube videos of her journey. She wants to spread awareness and let women know that it is okay to look different; it doesn’t mean that you are any less beautiful than someone else.



  1. She would probably spend close to 44% of her income on hair removal products so, I guess she should just go with it. I am surprised that she has a job. More power to her. (I guess)

  2. Renee' Brawner on

    May the LORD continue to bless this young lady as she deals with these judgmental people. Many who say they are Christians, yet they seem to forget what GOD tells us iHIS holy and righteous word. HE tells us in Mathew 7: 1-3, which reads as follows: “Judge not and you shall not be judged.”. “For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye”. Therefore, in my own humble opinion I say stay strong and keep holding on the hand of GOD. GOD bless you, Evangelist

  3. While it is her natural appearance. It is the result of a hormone disorder in females. I think this can be covered via medical insurance. If she wishes. She is a beautiful woman and looks like a cute guy. If she wishes the attention keep the beard. If she wishes to avoid the useless and mindless drama of others there is a medical way to end this. Go in peace.

  4. Good for her! I am so sorry that she had to put up with so much ignorance in her youth but glad that she persevered and had family members to support her. I do not have the strength to do this, I’m older and I get those stray chin hairs and run for the tweezers. By being a teachers assistant she will teach generations of children tolerance and love. So glad that she did not commit suicide when she was younger.

  5. I to have polycystic ovary syndrome, for many years I have been considered “A Freak” for having a hairy face and a hairy chest, and the weight gain is awful, I am not Ms. America. However, I was validated as a child by my parents, I come to learn, love, and appreciate me for me. I have embraced the idea that GOD made me and not man. I was also bullied in school, and there were times that I wanted to just run off and never return, but I could not do that. My brother was also my biggest supporter, he made sure that I was aware of what some men really thought of a women that had flaws or noticeable flaws such as mine, thus he did not allow men (his friends) to use or mistreat me.
    Due to having polycystic ovary syndrome I was not able to have children, but I have wonderful step-children with a wonderful husband. When he first approached me, I told him about polycystic ovary syndrome he said that didn’t matter, and that he had watched me and he liked my spirit. However the very next weekend, he was coming to pick me up for a date. I had let it grow out. I wanted to see his reaction, he was cool with it, that was just over 16 years ago. This Young lady have given me more courage. My Granny used to tell me that the bullies are just jealous that GOD took time to give you a little more then he gave them

  6. Honey, pay them no mind. I am in my 60’s and had facial hair from birth. People said all kinds of mean things to me including that I could not have children. As a teenage I was attacked by schoolmates I thought was my friends because they wanted to see how my female organ looked. I also tried to commit suicide as a teen.

    There Is a God and HE/SHE looks after those of us that trust. That the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE don’t make mistake only human think He does but HE/SHE doesn’t.

    I am the mother of four children and a grandmother of thirteen. None of my children or grandchildren has the mark.

    Today I wear my half beard with pride. When people stares I lift my head up high so they can really see my beard. You were more blessed than me because you have a full beard mine is on half of my face.

    It is my BADGE OF HONOR. THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE Kissed me right smack on my chin. You were kissed twice. Be Bless my sister.

  7. My neighborhood is a haven for Asian Americans. The women I have observed who are of this religion aren’t sporting beards.Only the male’s are required to have beards. Facial hair on women is not a requirement and most unattractive on females.

  8. Oh I didn’t read thru to understand that this is a hormonal problem.
    My view pont was based solely on my love for all things female and my push for celebratung ones femininity.
    My apologies.

  9. Teretha Banks on

    Girl don’t let this work d bring u down because people always talking about the wrong stuff. They never seem to mind their own business. My mom used to tell me all the time that if people would take 6 months to monster own business and 6 months to leave other folks business alone the world would be a better place. That’s right embrace who u r No matter what anybody else have to say or think.

  10. I too have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and don’t get me wrong I am proud of her embracing her natural self. However, I am big on hygiene. I get facial hair but I wax it. I get acne but I use good product on my skin, I get the weight gain but I exercise. I couldn’t get pregnant but I seen an endocrinologist and was put on Metformin to get pregnant. Its not the hand your dealt but how you play your cards. No pity party of one over here. Yes God is good and he made you perfectly but he didn’t give us free will to intervene whenever we cried, some things you have to go out and do on your own.

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