This 250-Lb. Ethiopian Woman Is Breaking The Internet


By Victor Trammell

Instagram is a social media site where women who are aspiring models can get a lot of attention showing off their biological assets in order to “go viral.”

Over the last several days, a certain “Instagram Model” has been making headlines on just about ever blog you can name. This young woman is an Ethiopian beauty who goes by the name Rtaye (pictured center). Rtaye is currently “breaking the internet” with an arsenal of provocative pictures, which show off her unbelievably curvaceous figure.

The image of Rtaye with her friends that is used to illustrate this article is one of her more conservative photos. However, there are some other more risqué pictures of the 250-pound model that are driving the world crazy. Here at, we probably wouldn’t be able to exhibit those photos without getting our site banned.

However, if a person wants to see a lengthy photo gallery of Rtaye’s visuals, a simple Google search using the keywords “Rtaye 250-pound Ethipoian Model” will reap an abundance of results. The Google search conducted to research information for this article turned up 178,000 results in less than one second. was one of the websites that were hit by Rtaye’s $exually-charged, visual bombs of shock and awe. An article on the website about Rtaye, which was published over the weekend reads as follows:

“According to reports, there is currently an Ethiopian model who allegedly goes by the name of Rtaye. She is said to be 250 pounds of beautiful curves in all of the right places. Take a look at her for yourself. She is amazing. The internet is going crazy over her and we see why.” (

Other websites have given reports about Rtaye’s bombardment of the web, which has been going on strong in recent days. However, not a whole lot of information about the model’s professional background in other industries seems to be available.

To see more photos of this latest internet sensation, go to her Instagram page @Msrtaye.




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