This 48 Year Old Woman Lost 100 Pounds and Wants To Lose 20 More


By: Krystle Crossman

Deborah Harvin says that she has always been a big woman. When her mother died her weight started to become out of control. She kept gaining more and more until she didn’t even recognize herself. She got married and then divorced. She has three children and works a full-time job. She found that she didn’t have the time nor the energy to make herself suppers that were nutritious and so she ate a lot of processed foods and fast food. It wasn’t until she went to the doctor’s and was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and pre-hypertensive that she really took a look at her life and her body and realized that she needed to do something or else she wouldn’t be around for her three kids. Harvin also has MS and says that she was never sure whether the symptoms she experienced on a daily basis were due to that or the weight.

Harvin began going to the gym. She was embarrassed at first and was afraid to use certain machines that she thought would make her look fat. She would stick to the treadmill and a few of the weight machines. Eventually she got more used to the machines and cared less about what she looked like on them. She started going to the gym five days a week. She was beginning to feel great. For her meals she would eat meals that were from a customized plan by a weight loss coach. She said one of the hardest parts was to remember that she shouldn’t be snacking mindlessly. After just nine months of healthier eating and exercise she went from a size 24 pant to a size 12 and a size XXXL shirt to a small. Her children have all been very proud of her accomplishments.

As of December 2014, Harvin has lost 102 pounds. She is only 20 away from her goal and cannot believe how great she feels. She says that it is nice being able to shop wherever she wants to for clothes. She says that she didn’t realize that taking care of herself first would help her to take better care of those who needed her. Her final weight goal is 160 pounds and it looks like she is well on her way!


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