This 76 Year Old Great-Grandmother Is a Record Holding Sprinter


By Victor Trammell

There’s an old saying, which states that Father Time hasn’t ever lost any battles.

However, there are people in all walks of life that prove every day that age isn’t anything but a number. A Washington D.C.-area lady named Rose Green (pictured) is definitely defying the odds in the age department. Green (who turns 77 on May 24th) is a champion sprinter in her age group.

Green has won medals in the 200 and 400-meter dashes. She is also the American record-holder for the 60-meter sprint. This great-grandmother is not your typical senior who moves slow trying to take it easy. Green is showing no signs of slowing down.

She has only been involved in sprinting for a year, but she’s dominating the track like no other woman at her age has. Green trains hard seven days a week to keep her body fit, which looks amazing at 76-years-young. She also works as a weight trainer at the Cameron Grove Adult Community Center in Prince George County.

Green’s sprinting trainer, Cortez Austin, talks very highly of her. “She’s world class,” Austin told Fox News affiliate Channel 5 in D.C. Austin and Green also told Fox 5 D.C. that they have been dating for four years. “I hate that term — ‘your boo’….She’s definitely my boo,” Austin told Fox 5 with a laugh.

However, Green says being Austin’s lover does not make him go easy on her when she’s training to be a better sprinter. “He’ll tell me, ‘Your form is not right…you’re not going as fast as you should’….He’s a very strict coach even though we are lovers,” Green told Fox 5.

Green is a big inspiration to the senior adults at Cameron Grove. “She is like a celebrity,” Austin said. “It’s no question that she is an inspiration,” he continued.

Right now, Green is training for the outdoor national championships and the outdoor senior championships, which will be held in July. She hopes to one day be able to compete on the global stage and set a world record.

Run Rose, run! You can do it!






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