This Black Celebrity Quit Twitter After She Was Attacked By Racists


By Victor Trammell

Another black female celebrity is leaving social media after receiving a barrage of racially-motivated attacks on the internet.

According to, Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei (pictured) is shutting down her Twitter account due to the hatred she has received from racist internet trolls on social media.

The worthless, human vessels of bigotry started attacking Kordei after recent Facebook Live interview. In the interview, Kordei was asked to say some nice things about her fellow Fifth Harmony group member Camila Cabelo. Kordei was accused of taking too long to answer the question. Then the evil racist trolls pounced.

Images of Kordei being lynched showed up online during the racist onslaught that caused her to organize the shutdown of her Twitter account. Many of the comments directed toward Kordei were too graphic to repeat in this article.

Kordei issued two open letters to the public addressing the attacks against her. The first open letter went viral after Kordei’s supporters shared it thousands of times.

“I have to address foolishness manufactured by those who have absolutely no idea what is going on,” Kordei wrote in her first open letter to the public. “I always find myself the target of unjust hatred and slander. It’s just not right,” she continued.

Kordei turned up the heat in her second open letter by vociferously addressing the racist internet trolls directly. “Hiding behind a computer and putting people down, especially for their skin color doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a coward!” she said.

Kordei’s message that she posted announcing her exit from Twitter was retweeted by her fans over 35,000 times. Racist internet trolls have been busy attacking black female celebrities lately. Leslie Jones, a veteran comedian, and co-star of the new Ghostbusters film has been attacked by evil online racists as well.

Social media is often a platform for meaningless people to express their insolent views for the purpose of counterproductive and divisive agendas. Let’s support Ms. Kordei and Ms. Jones as they continue to flourish in their promising careers.







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