This Black Woman’s White Ex-Boyfriend Went Viral Over His Racist Pro-Trump Facebook Video


By Victor Trammell

Madison Amelia (pictured right), 25, is a black woman from Rhode Island who was recently in a relationship with a white man who went viral over a video that was posted on Facebook.

Amelia was dating this anonymous loser (who has only been identified as “Chris”) for three years before she started to realize that he was an emotionally abusive, closet case racist. It appears that the successful campaign of Republican presidential-elect Donald Trump brought out the worst in Amelia’s former lover.

This past July, Amelia recorded Chris (without him noticing) going off in an angry tirade against the Black Lives Matter movement. Amelia later posted the video to a Facebook group called the Brown Girl Squad. In the video Chris utters a slew of stupid comments where he berates black Americans.

What Trump should do, the second he’s elected, give all you motherf***kers tickets back,” Chris said in the video. “You don’t like it? Peace! Black Lives Matter? Go matter to f**king Ghana,” the idiot continued.

Also in the video, Amelia subsequently asked her former boyfriend if he thought what he was saying sounded racist. He replied, ““Maddie, I don’t care.”

The video eventually got over three quarters of a million views online, according to the Huffington Post. Amelia just recently shared details about her three-year relationship with Chris to BuzzFeed News. She described her experience with Chris as emotionally abusive.

“I wanted to make sure that I was posting it, for it to be informational. For it to help people. To see the side of Trump supporters that do exist. I’m not saying all Trump supporters are racist. But they all gave the pass on racism,” Amelia told BuzzFeed.

Amelia left her relationship with Chris after she shared the video of his ignorance to the world. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson about what kind of unconscious racism a black woman can deal with while choosing white men to date outside her race. The devil is always in the details.






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