This Company May Have Secret To Hiring More Women and Minorities


By: Krystle Crossman

Minorities and women are severely lacking as employees in many companies. Large companies supply reports annually about the people that they have employed and their diversity, or lack thereof. One company called Accenture showed that they were predominant made up of white male employees and they wanted to change that. They came up with a new incentive for their current employees to try and bring more diversity into their company. Other large companies such as Google and Apple are trying to hire more people of color and more women as well.

Accenture admitted that they had a problem with the people that they have hired thus far and have decided to get their current employees in on a new initiative that they are putting into place. Most new hires are people who have been referred by current employees but trends show that they are referring mostly people who are the same race as they are. So in order to combat this Accenture is offering higher referral bonuses if the person that the employee refers is a woman or is a person of color. They are hoping that by doing this they will be able to bring a new crowd into the workforce.

The tech company Intel has been doing this as well. They double their referral bonuses for anyone that refers a person of color for a job. The tech industry has been releasing reports like this for some time but now that Accenture has been releasing their statistics many non-tech companies are following suit such as Unilever. Julie Sweet, the Chief Executive of the Northeast division of Accenture says that it is important for the company to show transparency when it comes to the employees that they have hired because they want to change the numbers. If you don’t admit that there is a problem it is hard to solve it. Having the information out in public will help to hold the company accountable. Their report showed that only 7.4% of their employees were black while 50.3% were white. Sweet is hoping to have different numbers when the next report comes out.

Currently at Accenture there is a gap in the number of men versus women that work for the company as well. 64.2% of their employees are men. They are hoping to have the percentage of women employed up to 40% by 2017.



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