This Couple “Beat Fat” By Losing Over 500 lbs


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Angela and Willie Gillis knew that they were overweight and for most of their lives they did nothing about it. But when their goddaughter was born they realized that if something didn’t change they may not be around to watch her grow up. The married couple had been together for three years and they decided together that it was time to make a change and get healthy, not only for their goddaughter, but for themselves as well. They would be each other’s support system over the next two year and the results of their hard work is incredible.

In 2011 they both weighed in and both were at their heaviest. Willie weighed in at 492 pounds and Angela was 338 pounds. Willie had stated that he had been looking for years at different ways to lose weight and had always wondered if he could do it. Angela is a fairly active person but her love of food got the best of her. She would eat no matter whether she was sad, mad, happy, or depressed. Despite being an active person it wasn’t enough to match the calorie intake. The couple had moved to Angela’s hometown in Texas and were surrounded by fried foods. The town of Beaumont, TX is one of the most obese in the country. They still felt that they were being cast out by the members of the community for how they looked.

They started at a slow and steady pace. They would go to the gym six days out of the week. At first they both started with 30 minute walks on the treadmill. The time and intensity changed as did they. Angela was able to get to the point where she was running on the treadmill and Willie had walked off 150 pounds.

Angela loves to cook so she began to find better ways of making their favorite dishes. They got rid of fried foods and began eating lean meats and veggies for dinner. For breakfast they would have steel cut oats along with fruits or they would have omelets that were loaded with veggies. Lunches were frozen meals that were diet-friendly and they would pack low-calorie healthy snacks too. Every now and then they would give in to cravings of foods that were bad for them but this is a necessary part of dieting. The couple found that they were going out to eat less because it was harder for them to find healthy options when they were at restaurants. This caused them to become isolated from some of their friends as much of their time with them had been spent around a restaurant table.

After just two years Willie had dropped an incredible 300 pounds and Angela had lost and impressive 200 pounds. Willie stated that many people give up but once you get the diet and exercise right, it is easy to just keep going.


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