This Diet Claims To Help You Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days


Healthy-salad-with-lots-of-greensBy: Krystle Crossman

It seems like every day there is a new diet trend that is popping up, claiming to help you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Some of them work because they are strict diets that build upon protein consumption and no carbs. Some of them don’t work at all or cause you to gain the weight right back if you fall off the wagon for even a day. The Slow-Carb diet has been around since around 2007 but is now becoming more popular.

Fitness guru Tim Ferriss mentioned this diet in a blog post and claims that he lost 25 pounds of fat in just six weeks. The diet consists of cutting out all sugars including fruit, and cutting out foods like dairy products while only eating foods with a low glycemic index. Some of the main foods that are eaten while on this diet are legumes, vegetables, beans, grass-fed beef, fish, tea, and water. Nuts are okay to eat as well but only in small and controlled portions. Cottage cheese is the only dairy product allowed because it has 11g of protein and only 3.38g of carbs per 100g serving.

Ferriss says that he allows himself a glass of red wine every day. He also had a cheat day once a week where he indulges on candy and other foods that are banned from the diet. This is so the body does not go into starvation mode. This cheat day may cause weight gain temporarily, but it is only water weight and can actually help weight loss over the long run. It also helps you to be “good” the other six days because you know you can have a treat on one day a week.

While he boasts that you do not need to exercise while on this diet to lose weight, Ferriss recommends that you still work out two to three times per week to complement the diet.


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