This Former Jamaican Slave Woman-Turned-Entrepreneur Is The World’s Oldest Living Person


By Victor Trammell

The world’s oldest living person is a black Jamaican-born woman who currently lives in the same house where she was birthed in.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper, Violet Mosse-Brown (pictured) of Duanvale, a city in the Jamaican parish of Trelawny has taken the crown for the position of oldest living person on earth.

At 117 years and 39 days old, Mosse-Brown took the crown from an Italian woman named Emma Morano who passed away peacefully in her home on April 15th, the Daily Mail reported. Morano was 117 years and 137 days old. Mosse-Brown has a fantastic life story of survival and triumph.

She was born March 10, 1900 and was once a slave who worked on a sugar plantation. However, Mosse-Brown eventually became a free woman that went on to acquire her own property where she grew sugar cane herself.

Instead of enslaving people for profit, Mosse-Brown would travel two miles to a nearby town riding a donkey carrying the sugar cane on her head so that she could sell it.

Mosse-Brown also went on to build a bakery and seamstress business. In her spare time, Mosse-Brown would also give private music lessons and was always highly involved with the Methodist church she’s attended most of her life.

Living a long life requires a disciplined regimen of self-care. Mosse-Brown credits her Christian faith, a healthy diet, and genetics for giving her the opportunity to live as long as she has.

“My faith in serving God, and believing strongly in the teaching of the bible,” Mosse-Brown answered when asked by a media outlet what has kept her alive.

She’s passed her long-living genetics down to her 97-year-old son Harold Fairweather. Fairweather is the world’s oldest living person who still has at least one parent alive.

Mosse-Brown is also a great-great grandmother with descendants who live in Jamaica, the US, Europe, and Africa.







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