This Gadget Helps You Track Your Vag!nal Exercises


By: Krystle Crossman

Do you have a Kegel exercise routine but always lose count whenever you go to do something else? Well now there is a product in development that may be for you. It has not been manufactured for sale just yet but the company Minna Life is working on it. They started a Kickstarter campaign to make the kGoal, a personal device that will keep track of your Kegels and measure how effective they are. Their original goal was $90,000 and as of July 23rd they are at over $229,000.

The kGoal is a small rubber balloon shaped device. It squishes so that it can fit perfectly into the [email protected] and register the muscle movements as you do the exercises. There is a handle that rests on the outside so that you can easily insert and remove. When you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles the balloon registers the movement and will be able to tell you whether you are doing the exercises right and will keep a count for you too. It is linked to an app on your phone and delivers results to you in real time.

The word Kegel often brings thoughts of an exercise that helps you to make s*x more pleasurable but this is not what Minna Life had in mind. There are many different benefits that go along with doing your Kegels such as less back pain and strengthened lower muscles as well as those that control your bladder. A bonus is that once you have strengthened your pelvic floor, it can make s*x better. The company is aiming more towards a goal of having happy and healthy women. They want you to maintain your overall health with the s*x benefits as a delightful bonus.

When the device is tracking your exercises it sends the information to the app on your phone. It tracks the number of squeezes and how effective those squeezes are. On the app you can choose to look at your average number of squeezes per minute, what the average squeeze time is, and areas that you can improve on. You can set weekly goals as well to give you a little more motivation.


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