This Is Why You Should Do a Handstand Everyday


By: Krystle Crossman

A headstand is one of the most difficult yoga positions to do. It is also one of the most beneficial. Here are ten reasons why you should be doing headstands every day:

1. The pituitary and hypothalamus glands get a nice fresh blood supply. They control our hormones, metabolism, and all of the other glands in our bodies.

2. Scientific evidence has shown that those who regularly do headstands are less likely to have an ischemic attack (stroke).

3. You can simulate a face lift for yourself. Gravity helps your skin move in the opposite direction when you are upside down and also gets nutrients and oxygen to your face.

4. You are helping to cleanse your colon and intestines while you are upside down. You are also raising your body heat and helping your digestive system.

5. It’s a neat party trick that is sure to impress your friends.

6. You can delay gray hair as the nutrients and blood rush to your scalp to keep it young and fresh.

7. You will have more positive thoughts as you hang upside down. Your adrenal glands are flushed out and the result is a lower level of depression and more happy thoughts.

8. Your circulation improves. When you are upside down your heart has to work harder to get the blood to your legs and feet. It will pump harder and get your blood flowing. This will improve your circulation over time.

9. Do headstands every day and your core muscles will thank you. Your core is what is going to keep you balanced so that you don’t fall. You can try a headstand against a wall at first to get used to balancing with your core and then once you are ready move away from the wall and strengthen those muscles.

10. You can prevent varicose veins as the fluid travels away from your feet and legs.



  1. If you cannot do the headstand, you may want to purchase a reclining board. It’s used to strengthen and stretch the back! Happy hanging upside down to better health!

  2. Are the benefits the same if you cheat by propping yourself up beside a wall??? Inquiring minds wanna know!

  3. This is true, however, if you have every had any type of injury to your spine or neck than caution should be used. Headstands are beneficial but also can harm if done by inexperienced people. I suggest using the wall and when preparing to come out of the head stand it is done slowly and allow your blood to circulate back into your body.
    Otherwise wonderful feeling and great for your mood too.

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