This Man Says This One Thing Predicts Whether A Man Will Cheat On His Wife


By: Krystle Crossman

Infidelity in relationships can often blindside the partner who has been cheated on. They have no idea why it happened, what happened to make their partner cheat, and what they did wrong in the relationship. Unfortunately sometimes they will never know the answers to their questions. Preacher DeVon Franklin states that there is a behavior in men that women can look at and take note of before they even get married to try and predict the likelihood that their spouse will cheat on them.

Franklin stated that in his book, “The Wait” he explains how men are by instinct going to follow their natural urges and desires when it comes to s*x and intimacy. He says that how a man acts in the bedroom before he is married will determine how he acts once he says his vows. If he is a celibate man or focuses only on his partner there is much less of a chance that he will stray while he is married. He will stick with his spouse and only his spouse.

Men who are promiscuous however have a much higher tendency to cheat in a marriage. We live in a culture where men believe that in order to be manly enough they need to sleep with many different partners. This does not translate well when entering into a committed relationship. They will still feel those urges even though they are supposed to be monogamous with their partner. Often times they cannot control their natural instincts as well as they should and they cheat.

Franklin and his wife Meagan Good remained celibate until they were married. In an interview with Oprah, Good said that she and Franklin were able to establish a much deeper connection with each other. She stated that they were able to really get to know who the other person truly was and were able to establish a very solid foundation for their relationship. They were able to tell whether they would be able to live with each other, practice good marriage habits with each other, and appreciate each other for who they really were. Good stated that one of her relationships that started out with intimacy did not work because her mind was clouded and she was not able to really get to know her partner at the time.



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