This Mother Built Her 4 Kids a House By Herself Using Youtube Lessons


By: Krystle Crossman

Cara Brookins of Bryant, Arkansas is a domestic violence survivor. She and her four children escaped from a horrible situation and were in need of a house. She didn’t want her children to have to share bedrooms but they were on a limited budget. They searched for a house that had enough bedrooms but could not find anything that was in her price range. She knew that they weren’t going to find what they were looking for so she decided that she was going to build her own home since they had enough for the materials that they would need. Her daughter Hope, who was 17 at the time, thought that her mother’s idea was a little out there considering that none of them knew how to build a house.

Brookins took to Youtube and found all of the tutorials that she would need to build a home on her own. She said that she got a lot of help from people at Home Depot while they were preparing to build the foundation of the home. Eventually they had an entire home and each of the kids had their own bedroom. Hope stated that she now knows that she can really do anything that she puts her mind too after watching her mother’s determination to give them the home that they all wanted and needed. They turned a horrible tragedy into something that brought their family that much closer.

Brookins is an author but she has mostly written science fiction books. After this ordeal she wrote a book about her family’s story. It is called, Rise, How a House Built a Family. The book is being released on January 24th, 2017. She is hoping that her family’s story will help other women who are in domestic abuse situations to realize that they can take a leap and get out of their situation. While not every woman will have the resources to build their own home they will still be able to find creative ways to help their families after a tragic situation. Brookins hopes that women will become inspired if they read the book. Domestic violence happens so often around the world but sadly many women think that they will not be able to start over again if they leave their situation.



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